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Who We Are

Red Haven Project was founded by veterans who understand the struggles associated with mental health and finding treatment options that are truly effective; a collaborative effort for veterans by veterans to ensure we all have the resources to continue the fight once we return home.


Matthew Callens

President, Co-Founder

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Matthew enlisted in the Army in 2010 and served with the 75th Ranger Regiment for six years and five combat deployments. Upon exiting service Matthew experienced, first-hand, the struggles many veterans face with transitioning out of the military. Along with fellow Ranger Anthony Bratsch, Matthew created Red Haven Project in 2020 in order to help facilitate the transitioning and healing of our nation's Veterans.


“So many Veterans find themselves in a crisis where they feel hopeless or they don’t know where to begin to find an effective treatment. A lot of treatment options seem out of reach because the Veteran has a family to support or other financial responsibilities that make it nearly impossible to take time off work. I’ve been there myself, I know the struggle. Red Haven is here to eliminate any financial hurdles and to ensure all treatment opportunities are available to Veterans at a true zero cost.”


Anthony Bratsch

Vice President, Co-Founder

Tony Brian Bratsch is an Artist and Entrepreneur who specializes in the Art of Social Influence and expanding human potential.


In 2011 he joined the U.S. Army, became a U.S. Army Ranger, and served in Afghanistan while assigned to 3rd and 1st Ranger Battalion. During his term, he made his way through the ranks and graduated Ranger School, the Army’s premier leadership school, and served as a fire team leader until his term ended.


After several near-death experiences in the military, he became obsessed with the art of influence and, "living a life worth fighting for." He now owns several companies that focus on growing impact and expanding our ability to experience the highest expression of who we are meant to be. "I believe that the way you give is the way you live. That’s why I am passionate about helping others grow their ability to give through the mediums that best communicate their highest expression."


Geno Callens

Secretary, Co-Founder

Geno brings over 30 years of executive-level experience, working in multiple business types large and small. He began his career in manufacturing before transitioning into technology where he started and ran his own company for over 15 years with a focus on data analytics. Geno has worked as the Director of Enterprise Applications at a globally operating aviation company as well as holding officer-level positions with multiple companies. His experience and insights are an invaluable asset in advising and aiding Red Haven Project as it grows and expands its capabilities to help those of the veteran community.


Henry Murray

Henry is an Army veteran of 8 years who spent time serving in many countries throughout the Pacific as well as successfully completing Ranger school. Currently, Henry resides in his hometown of Winston-Salem, North Carolina with his wife and children, where he divides his time between his job as a full-time firefighter and supporting the mission of Red Haven Project. With an academic focus in theology, Henry will be pursuing his master’s degree at the University of North Carolina in 2021.

“Leaving the military was the hardest hurdle I have ever faced in the race of life. Being part of the team one day and then on your own the next, can be devastating. You may not even see the signs of depression or PTSD in yourself. The only way to get through the struggle is to reach out and find a good support system to help pull you through. That is why I’m so excited to be a part of an organization that is geared towards helping veterans”

Board Member

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